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  • Jessi Swartz Employee Position

    Here’s a Little Bit about Me:

    Maintaining a healthy body and fit mind are essential to living a fulfilling life!

    Pilates has been influential in creating the best version of myself. I decided to train as an instructor to help people do the same! Since then I have been pouring my energy into instructing, observing, and participating in Pilates with the Teacher Training program. As a recent college graduate I am ambitious to start a journey doing something I enjoy!

    My Resume:

    I am Mat Pilates certified and participating in the comprehensive equipment training program as an Apprentice Instructor. I plan on becoming Barre certified in the near future as well.

    My Teaching Philosophy

    Take some time for yourself! I am passionate about empowering women, as it is essential for long-term personal and professional success. My classes are energetic and combine classical exercises with innovative variations. As instructors we are not only motivating clients but inspiring them to feel their best inside and out!

    My Rocks:

    My parents serve as my unyielding rocks! I aspire to be just like my mother – a committed mother, wife and professional. Fitness is something we share as workout partners (although she regularly kicks my butt). My father teaches me about dedication and strong work ethic as he embodies those traits every day.

    Lacey, my yellow lab, is my ultimate supporter and snuggle buddy!